Coconut powder dewatering video

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Use Location: Indonesia;
Use models: DYQ1500P3 heavy food-grade stainless steel roll press;
Processing materials: grated coconut meat;

Coconut dewatering 

Coconut dehydration, must be my company's special roll belt presses, equipment main frame 316 stainless steel, food-grade silicone roller outsourcing, can effectively line of more powerful and more materials dehydration. Dehydration significantly reduced moisture content, is the best equipment in the food industry of dehydration.

Coconut dewatering machine 

Coconut is a mixture of coconut and coconut powder, used for filling cakes, moon cake, bread, and sprinkle candied fruit, bread and other surfaces in order to increase the taste and decorative surfaces. After materials are shredded coconut meat or ground into a powder, after a special drying process blend. Coconut itself is white, and coconut common market was tempting shiny light golden yellow, it is because in the production process to add butter, egg, sugar, egg yolk. Although such a coconut taste better tastes thicker, more nutritious overall, but high heat, should not eat too much, do not want that coconut sprinkled on candied fruit consumption.

Coconut dewatering equperment 

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