Citrus dewatering equipment

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Material name: Citrus
Customer requirements: food grade dewatering equipment
Meibang design: DYQ1000P3B type 316 stainless steel dewatering equipment, all roll package of silica gel, to food grade requirements

Feed moisture content: 88% - 93%
Cake moisture content: 50--55%
Capacity: 6--15 square / hour
Host Power: 5.5KW - 22KW (rated power capacity by customer)
Detuning system: triple corrective protection device (pneumatic control; photoelectric control; stroke control), to ensure the normal operation of belt
Filter mesh belt: according to customer requirements resistant to 80 degrees, resistant to 120 degrees, 180 degrees resistant belt
Body chassis: the use of advanced whole hot galvanized, sandblasting + spray processing technology, acid corrosion better
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