Stainless steel belt press

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Belt Filter Press

Food-grade stainless steel belt press: stainless steel 304 #, 316 # stainless steel; food dehydration healthy environment, especially for food processing and juice press, and has a high automated production processes, high yield, a juicy, easy to clean and maintain .
moisture content of up to 80% -90% of the plant residue: cassava residue, potato residue, rubbish, food residue, sweet potato residue, tea leaves, horseshoe residue, wood residue, paper residue, duckweed, beer residue, the dregs, strong waste slag dewatering, dehydration moisture 25-30%, saving the successor will have to do more to do more. Equipment is simple, just press a button, the device 24 hours fully automatic operation, low labor intensity!

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