Main features of coconut peat dewatering machine

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Main features of coconut peat dewatering machine

1. It has the characteristics of common coconut peat dewatering machine.

2. High pressure roller structure is adopted. The water content of filter cake is low, and the pressed water content is up to 40-60;


3. Large processing capacity, continuous operation of the machine;

4. Low energy consumption, low operation cost and convenient operation and maintenance;

5, labor saving, labor intensity of workers reduced.coconut peat dewatering machine in addition to the adjustable speed drive system to drive the entire conveyor belt operation, there are conveyor belt tension device, guide device and cleaning device.

According to the properties of coconut chaff materials, 3-5 groups of strong roller coco peat dewatering equipment, coconut peat dewatering machineand coconut chaff pressure dehydration method were designed. By means of strong roller extrusion,coconut peat dewatering machine was achieved, and its moisture content was reduced to the extent that water could not be grasped by hands.Convenient for the subsequent packaging and transportation of coconut chaff. After dehydration, coconut chaff is packaged and transported without water.

coconut peat dewatering machine, coconut chaff to pressure equipment, coconut chaff to pressure dehydration method advantages:


1, automatic control, 24 hours continuous operation;

2. Large processing capacity, high dehydration efficiency, low water content of filter cake;

3. Low noise and low vibration;

4. Easy to manage and maintain;

5. Low energy consumption and long service life;

6. coconut peat dewatering machineStable operation, safe and reliable;


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