Coconut peat dewatering equipment

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Coconut peat dewatering equipment

Coconut peat dewatering equipment manufacturer

We are in Guangzhou, we are manufacturer ,specilized in Coconut peat dewatering equipment, this technology USES the working principle of belt extrusion, the coconut bran, plant extraction, Chinese medicine residue, biological extraction and other fields of raw materials, residues, etc.

Coconut peat dewatering equipmentt with continuous feed, easy to operate, automatic press, slag discharge, drainage, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, biological extraction field ideal equipment.

At present, we use it in the dehydration process of coconut bran, and it is also used in many traditional Chinese medicine production lines. The Coconut peat dewatering equipmenthas ideal performance and can be customized in material, 202, 304, 316 and 316l.

Coconut peat dewatering equipment, covering an area of small, simple operation, our company has many years of development experience, can be customized according to user's material development, welcome the user pick-up of commissioning, if you don't ideal Coconut peat dewatering equipment during operation, we will use our powerful technology, to provide you with design improvements, can meet the needs of material processing.

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