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Hot Products - Solid-liquid separation

Universal belt filter press

Universal belt filter press

Split type dewatering equipment

Split type dewatering equipment

Roll type dewatering machine

Roll type dewatering machine

Stainless steel belt press

Food-grade stainless steel belt press: stainless steel 304 #, 316 # stainless steel;

Dewatering video

Belt filter press dewatering in construction sand

Change the Waste water into the filter cake and clean water. filter cake moisture content of 20% - 25%

coconut peat dewatering Indonesia

High dewatering performance coco peat squeeze dewatering,low moisture content-60%. low operating cost. stable performance. Phone:+86-13926231556 Mr.wong

Papaya dehydration process

Our company produces equipment, you can put inside the water squeezed out papaya, convenient subsequent drying.

sand washing sludge dewatering machine

sand washing sludge dewatering,After dehydration, the moisture content is below 30%